What additional / on-going charges and costs such as council tax are there?

What’s the difference between a park home and a traditional house?

Apart from the way park homes are constructed, they look and feel almost exactly the same as a conventional bungalow.  The main difference is that they will be raised 18” (450mm) off the ground and surrounded with a brick skirting in order to allow access to the underside of the home. New park homes have gas central heating, double glazed windows, pitched roofs and are normally supplied fully furnished. Park homes are also able to have all the regular services that you might want or need, such as phone lines, internet and cable TV. Homes will have a designated plot, generally with space for an outside patio area or garden.  

What guarantee do I get with my home?

All Omar Group park homes are built in accordance with the latest edition of BS 3632 and carry a 12 month manufacturer's warranty on the entire home and its contents as supplied at purchase.

Homes also come with a 10-year insurance backed GOLD SHIELD structural warranty. For this warranty to be valid the park must be registered under the Gold Shield scheme and the home must registered by the park / owner when it is commissioned. Port Werburgh is registered with Gold shield.

In addition to this: roof tiles have a 40-year manufacturer’s guarantee; windows have a 10-year guarantee for the frames and 5-years for the sealed units, and boilers and appliances are all A grade rated and have a manufacturer's warranty -  5-years for parts 2-years for labour.

Will I own the plot of land?

No. You will be granted a licence to use the plot of land for a park home to be sited on. As the plots aren't freehold properties, you never actually own them, you only hold the licence. You do however own the actual park home. The licence lasts for the lifetime of the home, which by current manufacturer estimates is roughly 50-60 years.

Can I use my park home as a second home?

No, a park home needs to be your "only or main residence." This is not a park rule, but a legal stipulation in the Mobile Homes Act.

Are park homes warm enough?

Park homes have an insulated timber frame construction which is naturally warm - unlike bricks and blocks! Omar Group park homes are built to the very highest specifications with high tolerances; air tightness is key to heat retention and energy efficiency. The insulation used within the construction of all Omar Group homes is of extremely high quality and energy-efficient and low-emissivity glass is used in all window and doors. Full central heating is installed with energy-efficient combination boilers.

What is included in the price of an Omar Group park home?

The home price includes a fitted kitchen complete with appliances, bedrooms with built in furniture or walk-in wardrobes, bathrooms, lounge suite, dining suite, carpets and vinyl, curtains, soft furnishings including bed, bedding and wall mounted headboards.  You will find all these details on your floor plan and specification for your home. There is also the option (at additional cost) to add features to your home such as a home entertainment system, wine cooler, additional appliances, saunas and a wide range of Eco Options.